Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Engelbert Sneem and his Dream Vacuum Cleaner by Daniel Postgate (Meadowside Children's Books)

Engelbert Sneem and his Dream Vacuum Cleaner

Written and Illustrated by
Daniel Postgate

Published by Meadowside Children's Books

What a strange character is Engelber Sneem! A talent, a dancing prancing inventor but with a dark secret - He covets your dreams and mine!

Daniel Postgate's crazy creative character is the star of this dark tale of the invention of a strange machine designed to harvest our innermost thoughts while we sleep. We couldn't wait to see if Engelbert would get away with his terrible plan - which backfires quite spectacularly! Will Engelbert Sneem ever learn his lesson?

It's a fun and original romp for sure!

Charlotte's best bit: The sneaky Engelbert getting his comeuppance in quite spectacular style

Daddy's Favourite bit: We love an odd book that squeals originality from every page and this sure does that!

(Borrowed for review from Abingdon's excellent library)

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