Friday, January 16, 2015

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 16th January 2015 - "Never Tickle a Tiger" by Pamela Butchart and Marc Boutavant (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Never Tickle a Tiger

Written by Pamela Butchart

Illustrated by Marc Boutavant

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Izzy could almost be Charlotte! The pint-sized central character of this hugely entertaining and utterly gorgeous to look at Book of the Week can't sit still for more than five minutes, just like Charlotte. She fidgets, fiddles, wriggles and squirms. She's always tapping her feet, dancing around, and we often describe her as having ants in her pants.

So what happens when fizzy busy Izzy goes to the Zoo with her exasperated teacher (who we LOVE btw, purely for her hilarious hang-dog expressions in this) and her classmates? Mayhem ensues because Izzy just cannot resist interacting with the animals in her own unique way. Tapping on tortoises? Egad! Mocking monkeys? Gadzooks!

Charlotte was very quick to point out that children wouldn't *really* do dangerous things like that in a zoo but I gently pointed out that what happens in bookworlds is always a little bit magical and special so we're willing to let Izzy get away with most of her behaviour. But there's just one thing you should never, ever, EVER do! Never tickle a tiger!

Pamela and Marc are such a dream team. Pamela has a gorgeous gift for making us cackle our heads off at her character's crazy antics (we loved her Stinkysaurus books and Santa Claws was a huge favourite at the end of last year too!) Marc Boutavant's illustrations tap into that glorious golden age of American children's literary styles where bright colours and retro-style characters add tons and tons of fun to Pam's brill story. Izzy leaps, fidgets and wiggles across every frame (and Charlotte loved her little Hedgehog 'shadow' who seems to pop up in all sorts of places throughout the story.

The moral of the tale might be lost on most kids (in fact the result of Izzy's actions makes for one of the best panels in the book, we won't spoil the surprise but you're going to love the big reveal!)

We've probably said it so many times already but 2015 really is shaping up to be every bit as good, if not better, for children's books than 2014 was! Glorious stuff, do not miss it!

"Never Tickle a Tiger" arrives on Feb 12th from Bloomsbury Publishing.

Charlotte's best bit: Chaos ensues as the impact of Izzy's mischievous actions unfolds (quite literally) in front of your child's eyes. Calamitous, crazy and so hilarious!

Daddy's Favourite bit: One of those delicious books that pleases on all fronts. A hoot to read aloud, a great entertaining story, utterly glorious illustrations and one you'll want to leap right back to the start of and read all over again when you're done. Brilliant!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bloomsbury Publishing)

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