Thursday, 12 March 2015

Catching up with the wonderful "Storytime" Magazine - Issue 7 rocks!

Storytime Magazine Issue 7 - Out very soon!
The lovely folk at Storytime Magazine have been back in touch with us to let us know that Issue 7 is fast approaching. If you haven't caught up with this wonderful magazine yet (and you missed our review of the magazine's first issue) then here's a taste of what you've been missing.

Storytime is a magazine chock full of stories (no kidding!) and we love the mix of traditional fairy tales, myths & legends and more contemporary stories too.

Best of all there are no ads, no nasty plastic toys and the whole thing will cost you far less than some of those awful licensed TV and merchandise-driven magazines you see polluting your local supermarket shelves (seriously, has anyone ever actually found a good one amongst those?)

Dipping into issue 7 you're in for a serious treat. As you can see from the cover, the team have put together a wonderful version of Rapunzel...

Read the story, and don't forget to find all Rapunzel's hair bows hidden in the picture!
...but there's more too. Want to know the legend behind the Giant's Causeway? Then you'll love Fin McCool (who is as McCool as he sounds!)

Fancy a spot of zaniness? Then "The Three Sillies" will definitely be your cup of tea. 

There's still more including puzzles and games to keep your little ones entertained in between those fantastic stories. The monthly magazine is high quality, with artwork to die for - and it's really great to see classic stories presented for a whole new audience by a team who obviously love stories as much as we do. 

We won't spoil too much for you, but you can get a sneaky preview of Issue 7 on the Storytime Issues Page here. 

Begorrah! A fine set of irish gnashers
Storytime are currently giving you an amazing chance to try this fantastic magazine for just £1. Drop by the site or click on this link to find out more! Better still, if you'd like to qualify for a free issue, or an optional discount on subscriptions phone 0843 504 4932 and talk to the team to arrange your own free copy!