Thursday, 12 March 2015

A new and gorgeous range of classic fairy tales, brought to life for your little ones by Mara Alperin and Loretta Schauer, coming soon from Little Tiger Press

"Rumpelstiltskin" by Mara Alperin and Loretta Schauer (Little Tiger Press)

Some of the world's most beloved fairy tales are about to get a new lease of life in a new "My First Fairy Tales" range from Little Tiger Press. 

Lovingly retold by Mara Alperin, with illustrations by Loretta Schauer and various other extremely talented children's illustrators, the new range is bold, big, colourful and utterly brilliant!

We were sent a couple to review, and we started with the classic tale of Rumpelstiltskin. 

The miller is so proud of his youngest daughter Isabel, that he can't stop bragging about her. In a slightly ill-timed boast, he makes the bold claim that she can spin straw into gold. The news reaches the ears of a greedy and avaricious king, who spirits Isabel away to his castle, presents her with a gigantic pile of straw and a spinning wheel, and bids her to get busy - or spend the rest of her life in the castle dungeons (what a MEANIE!)

Poor Isabel is downcast, but her plea for help does not go unheard. A strange little fellow in a golden waistcoat appears, promising to help Isabel perform the miraculous deed. His price? Fame and fortune at a later date once Isabel escapes the chop. 

You will undoubtedly know the rest of the story, given a fantastic treatment here by Mara and Loretta. Does Isabel make good on her promise? Does the avaricious king get his comeuppance? Does Rumpelstiltskin ever realise that he could've just spun himself a fortune in the first place? You will have to read this excellent version yourself to find out. 

"The Three Little Pigs" by Mara Alperin and Ag Jatkowska (Little Tiger Press)
The second title we took a look at, again written by Mara Alperin but with illustrations by Ag Jatkowska this time, is equally as fab. The story of the three little pigs is so universally well known, but again this is a bright bold and colourful version absolutely perfect for bedtime stories with your little ones thanks to the large paperback format, and wonderful illustrations. 

Three little pigs gather building materials for their own little piggy houses, but a nasty wolf lurks, threatening to huff, puff and blow their houses down. What can happen to a house made of straw, of twigs or of bricks? You know the rest, of course!

This is a brilliant range featuring some of our favourite tales. Check out the other titles in Little Tiger Press's new "My First Fairy Tales" range on the Little Tiger Website