Monday, 2 March 2015

Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barman (Wide Eyed Editions)


Written and Illustrated by
Adrienne Barman

Published by Wide Eyed Editions

Another utterly gorgeous creature book - this time from Wide Eyed Editions who are really catching our eye lately with their fantastic books. "Creaturepedia" by Adrienne Barman is just our sort of book, a big weighty hardback tome full to bursting with fascinating facts and figures about animals.

It's definitely not a dry reference book though, this - Adrienne's gorgeous humorous illustrations make us giggle while we learn as the book groups all sorts of species together in a rather innovative way. Forget grouping creatures by genus or 'family tree', animals here are grouped together the way a child would naturally want to see them teamed up. For instance, all the blue animals, all the strongest animals, the stinkiest, hairiest - you name it and there'll be a gaggle of them in here somewhere.

Poor Charlotte though reached a section of the book that made her sad. A section devoted to all the animal species we are on the brink of losing, and all the ones we've already lost :(

She was cheered up slightly by the fact that the book manages to squeeze in some mythical beasts too. Unicorns, hooray!

What a thoroughly entertaining and brilliant addition to Wide Eyed Book's superb range. Awesome animal fun!

Charlotte's best bit: The unicorn popping up in the "Mythical beasts" section. Wonderful!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Such a hugely entertaining and fun book, a big thick weighty tome full of humour and fascinating facts. What a CORKER!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Wide Eyed Editions)

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