Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dreams of Freedom - In Words and Pictures (Amnesty International & Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Dreams of Freedom in Words and Pictures

Amnesty International

Illustrated by various
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Once again, Frances Lincoln Books have published an absolutely astonishing book in conjunction with Amnesty International. Leaping straight out at you courtesy of its cover by superstar children's author / illustrator Oliver Jeffers, the book celebrates and explores what freedom means. Inspirational quotes on the subject of freedom from such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank and Harriet Tubman are fused with astonishing new illustrations from the creme de la creme of children's illustration. New works from artists such as Chris Riddell, Alexis Deacon, Jackie Morris, Barroux and Ros Asquith amongst others feature in this utter treasure.

As children begin to explore their world, understand it, and most importantly ask lots and lots of questions, it is fantastic - nay vital to have books such as "Dreams of Freedom" to underline the simple universal truth - that freedom is not to be taken for granted and people campaign long and hard, fight all their lives in order to gain or retain it.

Charlotte's best bit: Chris Riddell's fantastic illustration describing how children are not automatically born free, but should be

Daddy's Favourite bit: Utterly mesmerising quotes coupled with truly luxurious and involving illustrations. Once again, a book that belongs on every child's bookshelf.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Frances Lincoln Children's Books)