Saturday, 7 March 2015

Lili by Wen Dee Tan (Fat Fox Books)


Written and Illustrated by
Wen Dee Tan

Published by Fat Fox Books

We're fortunate enough to be included on the fabulous Fat Fox Books Blog Tour for a new author and a new book that's absolutely guaranteed to light your fire. From the moment you spy the gorgeous cover, you're going to fall in love with it!

Meet Lili, she's the flame-haired hero of Wen Dee Tan's first book for Fat Fox. Lili's hair isn't just fiery in colour, it's actually fiery in nature too!

For a carefree little girl with a ton of joie de vivre this isn't really a problem, but soon Lili discovers that a flame-haired lass can have a pretty tough time of it in the real world. Neighbour's sheets are charred on the washing line, and an innocent game of jump-rope can go horribly awry. Soon, it feels like no one wants Lili or her troublesome tresses around.

Lili wanders dejectedly in the woods, and discovers a group of the village children in danger. Can Lili's wonderful hairdo possibly save the day after all?

This book has the most endearing hero as its central character, and we rode a rollercoaster ride with Lili as she seems so happy and full of life - but doesn't always fit in. The message tucked neatly betwixt the glorious pages here tells us that everyone is special, everyone has that certain something about them that may turn out to be their saving grace later on in life.

The story flows beautifully, the illustrations are purposely minimalist with Lili's flame-red hair drawing the eye in every page spread. It's a luscious treat to behold indeed, and a real joy to read to your mighty girls and boys (even more so if they have gorgeous red hair too!)

We love Lili, what an awesome first book from Wen Dee for Fat Fox! May there be many many more!

Charlotte's best bit: Lili unintentionally setting someone's lovely clean washing on fire! Oops!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A gorgeous book from start to finish, an endearing central character and a real feel-good message delivered with aplomb. Wonderful, Wen Dee!

(Kindly supplied in PDF format for review by Fat Fox Books)

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