Monday, 30 March 2015

Red, Yellow, Blue (And a Dash of White Too!) by Charles George Esperanza (Sky Pony Press)

Red, Yellow, Blue (and a dash of white too!)

Written and Illustrated by
Charles George Esperanza

Published by Sky Pony Press

Take one look at the wild and chaotic cover of this book and you can't help but be drawn to "Red, Yellow, Blue (And a Dash of White Too)" by awesome Tweeter and all-round art superhero Charles George Esperanza.

We start off by meeting an awesome little girl who is dabbling with her paints and paintbrush. A dash of red looks great, a big blue elephant (decorated with red and yellow stripes) is even better - but what happens when you start mixing those colours together?

What happens when you apply a dash of blue to a splodge of yellow? (An awesome frog appears - there's a clue!)

We just LOVE the little girl's expressions in this story. She's just so HAPPY! Love her!

Or perhaps our favourite, a great big glob of blue to a splish of red? (This has to be one of our favourite picture spreads in the whole book!)

Yikes! A Purple Octopus!!

We truly love books that feel like a wild rollercoaster journey. Charles has perfectly captured the effervescent enthusiasm of a child letting her artistic skills and her imagination fly. But what happens when she mixes all the colours together (with a dash of white for good measure?)

We'll let you discover that one for yourselves.

What a truly wonderful, colourful and celebratory book!

Charlotte's best bit: An awesome orange slam-dunk from a big bouncing basketball!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A joyous riotous celebration of colour and the wondrous vivid imagination of a child. Absolutely brilliant stuff Charles!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Charles and Sky Pony Press)