Monday, 23 March 2015

Thank You, Jackson by Niki Daly and Jude Daly (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Thank you, Jackson

Written by Niki Daly

Illustrated by Jude Daly

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

"Manners Maketh the Man" or so the saying goes. Actually good manners, and a bit of politeness go a long way with anyone regardless of who you are - and no one likes being taken for granted, do they?

This is the simple premise of a hugely effective story from Niki and Jude Daly. "Thank You, Jackson" introduces us to a hard working farmer, his wife Beauty and their son Goodwill. Not forgetting their hard working donkey Jackson, who helps the farmer to market with his heavy load of vegetables every day.

But today isn't like any other day. You see, Jackson has had about enough of hauling the farmer's wares up a steep hill without so much as a polite word of praise. Jackson stubbornly stands still and refuses to move. The farmer's solution is not a pleasant one, he threatens Jackson and eventually goes looking for a stick to give his poor donkey a wallop with.

Thankfully Goodwill and Beauty spot what's going on, and race to help. Goodwill knows how to save the situation, and with a gentle whisper in Jackson's ear, he saves the day.

So what do you think Goodwill whispers in Jackson's ear?

Such a valuable lesson delivered in a really neat way, making this feel like a traditional tale woven anew. Very cool!

Charlotte's best bit: When Jackson sits down, spilling all the vegetables all over the floor! Eeps!

Daddy's Favourite bit: There's a lesson here for all of us in "Thank You, Jackson" - Don't be quick to lose your temper and always remember a bit of praise goes a very very long way from time to time!

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