Monday, 20 April 2015

3D Bubble Writer - a Crazy Craft Book by Linda Scott (Laurence King Publishing)

3D Bubble Writer - A Crazy Craft Book

Written and Illustrated by
Linda Scott

Published by Laurence King Publishing

This fantastic and inspirational craft book arrived just in the nick of time to stop us from going completely insane with boredom over the long (3 week long!) Easter Holidays. Charlotte loves doodling and scribbling, so what better way to get some inspiration for new craft projects than from a book absolutely packed to the gills with brilliant ideas.

"3D Bubble Writer" by Linda Scott gets children thinking about a subject particularly close to my nerdy typography-obsessed heart. I love fonts, I love lettering and it seems to be a bit of a lost art for folk to dabble in drawing up their own letter forms.

Linda's book breaks us in gently by showing us a few simple but hugely effective ideas to jazz up our own efforts, starting with the titular 3D Bubble Writing - but not stopping there, oh no! There are fantastic resources and exercises covering all sorts of magical 'makes' from your own pop-up cards and messages, to more intricate papercut designs from original sources of inspiration spanning the globe. Mexican bunting? You know we're going to love a bit of that!

Patchwork Lettering? Cool idea!

The great thing about this book (apart from the fact that it's inspired Charlotte to such an extent that she's just about covered all of her school work books in whizzy and sophisticated new nameplates and lettering - Ulp!) is that each of the exercises and projects appeal to a hugely wide range of age groups. Tinies can get stuck in making their own lettering mobiles while older kids can tuck into the more sophisticated makes on show here. With an adult to help where tricky cutting out is required, you'll soon be producing fantastic crafty creations with Linda's expert guidance.

Make your own fantastic paper-chain alphabet!

The book contains glorious and colourful press-out card 'makes' as well as showing you how to draw your own designs (you can even draw on the book, if you're the sort of person who doesn't run screaming into the trees at the very suggestion of defacing books!! Eeeks!)

What a fab book to dip into again and again, particularly on those long wet April Showers-ey days at home.

"3D Bubble Writer - A Crazy Craft Book" by Linda Scott is available from Laurence King Publishing today!

Charlotte's best bit: Experimenting with shadows, shading and pop-up shapes for her lettering creations! Fancy!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A huge thick jam-packed book spilling over with fabulous and inspirational artsy ideas! We utterly love it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Laurence King Publishing)