Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Squishy McFluff Meets Mad Nana Dot by Pip Jones and Ella Okstad (Faber and Faber)

Squishy McFluff Meets Mad Nana Dot

Written by Pip Jones

Illustrated by Ella Okstad

Published by Faber and Faber

The invisible cat is back and this time he's naughtier than ever! "Squishy McFluff Meets Mad Nana Dot" is the third adventure for Squishy and his extremely mischievous owner Ava. Regular 'Squish' fans will know that Squishy is Ava's invisible (imaginary) friend, and often encourages Ava to do the naughtiest things.

Ava's long suffering mum has a rather large tummy and am imminent new arrival means that Mum and Dad must dash off to hospital, packing Ava and Squishy off to stay with Mad Nana Dot. A lovely short-sighted but well meaning old lady, Dot thinks nothing of playing house host to Ava and her moggy though without her glasses she's never quite sure whether she can see Squishy or not.

Ava and Squishy don't take long before they're up to their usual tricks (as if filling the shed up with water wasn't naughty enough). A trip to the hairdresser's for Nana spells disaster and there's also a narrow squeak at the fishmongers too!

We laughed rather guiltily all the way through this - if you're the sort of parent who gets rather sniffy about books that highlight, nay almost encourage terrible behaviour in your younglings then look away, this will turn your hair white not green!

(Kids love it though, anything that allows them to live vicariously through a mischievous character usually ticks all their boxes!)

Charlotte's best bit: Almost from start to finish, Ava and Squishy's naughty tricks had her snorting with laughter (though I'm rather glad Charlotte is nothing like Ava at home!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Please please PLEASE don't try the hair chemical mixing thing at home!!! Not even if your invisible cat tells you it's OK!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Faber and Faber)

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