Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Special Guest by Steve Smallman (QED Publishing)

The Special Guest

Written and Illustrated by
Steve Smallman

Published by QED Publishing

QED Publishing's "Storytime" range features great little stories for younger children. With "The Special Guest", Charlotte took one look at the cover and knew exactly what to expect - but we can't resist a tale that sets a vainglorious character up for a bit of a fall.

In this case that character is Zebra, who receives a royal invitation to dinner from The King of the Jungle. Yep, a hungry lion. So add those two things together and you can expect complete mayhem.

Zebra gets carried away with his preparations and primping - and before he can even set out, there's complete chaos. He needs a bath, needs his mane trimming and his stripes retouching - and that's before other animals also horn in on the act (in Rhino's case, quite literally) to see if THEY can invite themselves to the royal buffet.

Lion is a gnarly and sly old beast though, he's going to get his dinner at all costs and really can't wait to tuck into a nice juicy zebra steak or two! Will Zebra escape Lion's hungry jaws? And why on earth has Elephant painted his bottom all stripy?

Little ones will chuckle along with this hilarious tale. Steve Smallman's art is always absolutely brilliant, and we rather like the Zebra despite all his preening and pomposity.

Charlotte's best bit: Lion coming to a prickly end at the hands (or should we say spines) of a cute porcupine. Owch!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A great little story that sets up its stall right from the cover, but still contains enough giggles and surprises to keep your little ones entertained!

(Kindly sent to us for review by QED Publishing)