Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Two truly beautiful books for your tinies from Wide Eyed Editions - "Colours" and "One Thousand Things"

"Colours" by Aino-Maija Mesola (Wide Eyed Editions)

By now you've probably spotted that we're falling completely in love with Wide Eyed Edition's fantastic range of gorgeous books but don't let your tiniest of tinies miss out as there's plenty in the range for them too.

Starting off with "Colours" by Aino Maija Metsola, little ones will love this large format hardback book with tons and tons of lift-the-flap fun. Learning colours and shapes, object names and having lots of fun doing it is the order of the day here as each page spread reveals more and more to explore. Even busy and curious 7 year olds can't resist diving into this book to see what's hiding inside.

One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses (Wide Eyed Editions)

Just as stunning is "One Thousand Things" by Anna Kovecs, again from Wide Eyed Editions. Even more to explore for busy little tiddlers as they follow their first words with the help of gorgeous Little Mouse. Your furry guide through a whole world of discovery, with some truly wondrous discoveries to make along the way.

Both "Colours" and "One Thousand Things" are available right now from your fave indies and local bookshops, so if you're on the lookout for a fantastic present for book-obsessed toddlers, these are utterly perfect!