Thursday, 16 April 2015

You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus by Patricia Cleveland Peck and David Tazzyman (Bloomsbury Publishing)

You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus

Written by Patricia Cleveland-Peck

Illustrated by David Tazzyman

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Have you ever tried to sneak a zoo animal onto public transport? No, neither have we but in "You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus" we find out that not only is it inadvisable to try and cram a pachyderm into a charabanc, it's generally not a great idea to take a Tiger onto a train (oh how we hoped the Tiger would take a chomp out of the irritating businessman on his phone, slopping his expensive coffee about all over the place).

Crazy rhymes are the order of the day from Patricia Cleveland Peck - and even crazier illustrations courtesy of David Tazzyman (who we somehow managed to miss getting a credit on the cover of the book - his name features on the big bouncing beautiful red bus itself!)

There is, however, one form of transport that just about any animal - elephant or whale, monkey or pig, tiger or giraffe - can enjoy but we won't spoil the big reveal!

Charlotte's best bit: The skateboarding piggie! Oink!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fun and bouncy book more suitable for younger readers who will love its craziness!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bloomsbury Publishing)