Thursday, May 7, 2015

Daddy's Sandwich by Pip Jones and Laura Hughes (Faber and Faber)

Daddy's Sandwich

Written by Pip Jones

Illustrated by Laura Hughes

Published by Faber and Faber

Do you love books that make your mouth water, your tummy tremble in anticipation, that make you dribble like a bloodhound catching scent?

We do! We're foodies, so of course we're going to love any book that celebrates the fine art of sarnie construction - as seen in this case from the perspective of an adorable little girl who offers to make daddy a snack while he zombs out in front of the footie.

We already know that Pip has a talent for the mildly chaotic, we've loved her "Squishy McFluff" books very much. So what happens when she lets a little girl loose in the kitchen?

The little girl knows all of daddy's favourite things and the sandwich starts out normally - but daddy loves his phone, he loves his camera, and of course he loves the little girl herself - so all of daddy's favourite things should end up nestled between two slices of bread, covered in ketchup, surely?

You can imagine the effect this wonderful story has on your little ones as it slowly unfolds, with each new 'ingredient' added to the teetering tottering sandwich stack. Won't daddy get a bellyful when he chomps down!

Hilarious and adorable stuff in equal measure!

"Daddy's Sandwich" is released today, 7th May 2015 by Faber and Faber. Plenty of time to add this to your shopping list in time for Father's Day!

Charlotte's best bit: What a joyous and chaotic mess we end up in at the end of this book!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A crazy and chaotic culinary crusade by a cute and adorable little girl. Wonderful! Now where did I put my phone....?

(Kindly sent to us for review by Faber and Faber)

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