Friday, May 1, 2015

Fact Finders - Dinosaurs by Ruth Martin and Nick Maland (Templar Publishing)

Fact Finders - Dinosaurs

Written by Ruth Martin

Illustrated by Nick Maland

Published by Templar Publishing

As well as producing some of the most fantastic fiction for young children, Templar also produce a huge range of non-fiction titles designed to stimulate curious young minds. What better introduction to their "Fact Finders" range than investigating one of our favourite subjects! Big stompy warty leathery farting scoffing pooping roaring DINOSAURS!

Oh yes, we love dinosaurs and we can't resist any book that can offer new ways to present a metric TON of fascinating facts and figures about these marvellous creatures that once stalked the earth.

This informative and beautifully presented book from Ruth Martin and Nick Maland has brilliant lift-the-flap bits (As regular blog readers will know, Charlotte is hopelessly addicted to lift-the-flap books and absolutely LOVED all the bits in this where she could investigate dinosaurs (quite literally) under the skin and beyond.

The book also features brilliant pop-up sections (including our fave bit, a huge spiralling timeline of all the main dinosaur "eras" from cretaceous through pleistocene and jurassic! Awesome!)

An utterly brilliant and thoroughly researched book, bursting at the seams with tons and tons of dino facts. We can't wait to investigate more in the "Fact Finders" range.

Charlotte's best bit: Finding out that the Argentinosaurus "poohed" about 50 litres of poo a day. That's equivalent to a LOT of mint choc chip ice cream!

Daddy's Favourite bit: The fact finders range is hugely impressive. Immersive, fact-filled and beautifully presented non fiction books for eager and curious little minds!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

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