Monday, 18 May 2015

If I Were You by Richard Hamilton and Babette Cole (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

If I Were You

Written by Richard Hamilton

Illustrated by Babette Cole

Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books

We love finding books we've never seen before when we visit our awesome local library. Nestling amongst the stacks, Charlotte quickly grabbed this book by Richard Hamilton and Babette Cole - mostly because she is completely in love with Babette Cole's work and couldn't wait to find out more about a book featuring a tutu-wearing dad, and a rather cheeky little girl.

Richard Hamilton's rhyming life-swap story, illustrated in Babette's glorious trademark inky washy style, is really right up our alley. A dad and daughter book with a difference, with a daft dad (like me) and a cheeky daughter (like Charlotte) imagining what it would be like to swap places for the day. The good (like being able to bounce on beds or stay up way past bed time), the bad (like having to do housework or eat what you're told to) and the downright ugly (have you ever seen a 47-year old trying to squeeze into a baby buggy when it's walkies time? While wearing a leotard and tutu? It's not a pretty sight!) are all described in this lilting and lyrical tale that made us very very glad we are who we are and don't ever, never, EVER swap roles.

That said, I can definitely see the appeal of bouncing on beds wearing tutus. Yes indeed!

Charlotte's best bit: Cuddling up for storytime with the three bears (before nipping downstairs to watch late night telly! Bliss!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Taking a cuddly kangaroo to bed then waking Charlotte up in the morning by bouncing up and down on her bed shouting loudly (just like she does!)