Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seb and Hamish by Jude Daly and Niki Daly (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Seb and Hamish

Written by Jude Daly

Illustrated by Niki Daly

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

We do love a yappy happy waggy-dog tale and here's a little corker from Jude and Niki Daly. "Seb and Hamish" tells the story of a little boy (Seb) and his mum who go to visit their new neighbour Mrs Kenny. She's a lovely old lady who loves baking but most of all absolutely LOVES dogs, particularly her awesome little dachsund Hamish.

Hamish is very noisy whenever new people come round so poor Seb is quite apprehensive at first. But once he's settled down with a couple of smiley-faced biscuits and a train, he starts to relax. Hamish and Seb soon get to know each other and when the nose from one of Seb's biscuits rolls under Hamish's door (the kindly lady thoughtfully shuts noisy barky Hamish in her bedroom), a lick and a sniff or two is all it takes for Seb and Hamish to become firm friends.

The story's theme is fab, a great read for little ones who aren't particularly comfortable around animals (particularly small and excitable dogs like Hamish). Niki's illustrations are utterly fab too, lending a real energy to the whole story (Hamish practically bounces off each page with excitement and doggy energy! We love him!)

A poochy tale with a positive message, what's not to love!

Charlotte's best bit: So many awesome dog-shaped things in Mrs Kenny's house (we really loved the dog-shaped umbrella stand!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fantastic little story with a great theme about overcoming shyness and fear for little ones. Hamish is most definitely the star though!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

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