Wednesday, 20 May 2015

We tie ourselves in knots with the "Bright Paracord Kit" from Leisure Arts

Bright Paracord Kit

Distributed by Leisure Arts

How trends move quickly! It seems like only yesterday that the world was obsessed with tiny little circles of elastic in all the colours of the rainbow. Loom Bands seem to have fallen out of favour of late, but we still love making things with them from time to time. But what can we move on to if we want a slightly "knottier" challenge.

Paracord kits aren't that new, they've been around a while now but Leisure Arts are producing handy tub-sized starter kits to introduce you to a whole new obsession - making Paracord bracelets and other accessories.

Paracord is an immensely strong bonded cord that is used in parachute cords (hence the name!). Its strength and flexibility means that it's suitable for all manner of crafting projects.

The "Bright Paracord Kit" from Leisure Arts features lots of interesting cord designs and colours, that can be used singly or in conjunction with each other to make all sorts of designs.

You can get some inspiration for your own maker projects from the package itself, or dive onto your computer or tablet and check out, a great site with a huge range of 5500 projects from the very very simple up to the extremely complex.

Deft and strong fingers are required and with a little adult help, Charlotte was soon weaving her first bracelet. You don't have to stop there though, you can make a range of items like phone cases and models - once you've learned a few basic knots, you'll be completely addicted. Paracord kits are reasonably priced so hunt around for the best bargains!

Charlotte's best bit: Weaving a cool dayglo bracelet

Daddy's Favourite bit: Tricky to master at first but once you learn a few knots you're up and running in no time, creating cool designs to wear and use

(Kindly sent to us for review by GMC / Leisure Arts)