Wednesday 24 June 2015

100 things to know about Science (Usborne Publishing)

100 things to know about Science

Written and Illustrated by various

Published by Usborne Publishing

Science geeks are we, so dedicated to finding out more about science and science-ey things that we disappear to our local Saturday Science Club whenever we can.

When sessions aren't running however, we love dabbling in a bit of science-based bookage, and Usborne are definitely one of our go-to publishers for engaging and expertly presented science stuff for kids. Showing that science can be fun, facts can be fantastic and non-fiction books don't need to be 'school-like' Usborne's science range truly has something for everyone.

In "100 things to know about Science", you get a nice big thick paperback to delve into that covers the main three branches of science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) with a good dose of peripheral subjects such as geology and astrophysics too. Usborne's approach here is to break down each subject into a series of engaging page spreads, for children who are at Charlotte's level of being taught science in schools (before they start to funnel off into each branch of science as a separate entity).

With that in mind, the book does cover a fairly broad base but does so in a way that piques children's curiosity and gives them a really great steer in possible science directions they might like to specialise in later on.

Full of quirky characters and cartoon-infographics-style art to get kids interested, the book doesn't feel dry at all - it dishes up fact after fact in a fun and brilliant way, ensuring that the next generation of would-be science fans are off to a fantastic start.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning all about genetics and DNA!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A nice big thick and weighty science tome utterly packed with fascinating facts. SCIENCE ROCKS!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Usborne Publishing)