Friday, June 5, 2015

A Tower of Giraffes by Anna Wright (Words and Pictures)

A Tower of Giraffes (Animal Bunches)

Written and Illustrated by
Anna Wright

Published by Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures are publishing some of the most gorgeous books on the block at the moment, and this new title (out on 4th June) is no exception. "A Tower of Giraffes" (Animal Bunches) by Anna Wright is truly gorgeous to look at, but also educational too. If you've ever wondered what the collective name for any animal is, treat your peepers and your brain to this utter delight of a book.

From the title you'll learn that a collective of Giraffes is known as a "Tower" (which is quite fitting!) but do you know what a collection of Peacocks is called? Monkeys? Elephants?

Each page in the book reveals a new collective name, gorgeously illustrated in Anna's luxurious collage style. Definitely a wonderful book to add to your little ones' collection, doubly so if they love all things animal!

Charlotte's best bit: An ostentation of Peacocks (how fitting!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: A troop of noisy babbling monkeys! (

Kindly sent to us for review by Words and Pictures)