Monday, June 1, 2015

Babies Don't Walk, they Ride by Kathy Henderson and Lauren Tobia (Templar Publishing)

Babies Don't Walk, they Ride!

Written by Kathy Henderson

Illustrated by Lauren Tobia

Published by Templar Publishing

Babies eh? Tiny little Winston-Churchill-Pug-Dog lookalikes or cute bundles of fun, always busy and chaotic (and usually up to things they probably shouldn't be!) We love a book that feels like a joyous celebration of ordinary everyday life, and thanks to Kathy Henderson and Lauren Tobia, babies get to be the stars of this particular show.

In "Babies don't walk, they ride!" we find all sorts of babies, mums, dads, grans and grandads all going about their daily business - but of course the most important part of the daily outing is how you get from A to B. Do you bowl along in a buggy? Trickle down the street on a tagalong? Cuddle up to mum or dad in a wrap, a sling or a baby carrier? Or whoosh along the pavement in your very own red rocket push-along?

Babies are everywhere, all on the move and all giggling gleefully (usually as mum and dad puff and pant with the strain of pushing teenies along at a pace).

Words are kept to a minimum purposely so younger readers can snuggle up on our laps and check out what all those busy little babies get up to around town. We utterly loved going through this book again and again, each time finding some new and gorgeous little detail to chuckle at (and lots of things that made us shout "HOORAY!" too, like the hugely diverse cast in this book (well, this is Lauren Tobia we're talking about, she's a champ for promoting diverse books and characters - see Anna Hibiscus for reference!) We particularly loved the supermarket scene, a crazy chaotic page spread with an awesome wheelchair mum and her baby scooshing through the aisles.

A brilliant bouncing baby-boomer of a book!

Charlotte's best bit: Following the babies in the tow-along trailer throughout the book right to bedtime! Oh and that rocket-shaped pushalong. We want one!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fantastic and joyful little book that's packed with fun and detail, and busy busy babies on the move!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

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