Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bone Collections: Dinosaurs by Camilla de le Bédoyère and Rob Colson (QED Publishing)

Bone Collections: Dinosaurs

Written by Camilla de le Bédoyère

Illustrated by Rob Colson

Published by QED Publishing

With the imminent release of "Jurassic World" as one of the big summer blockbusters, Dinosaurs look set to once again wow the hearts and minds of children everywhere as they bone up (sorry) on the various species.

"Bone Collections: Dinosaurs" takes a close look at dinosaurs, literally from the inside out! The book tackles the often quite difficult task of explaining the various eras of evolution from the earliest sea-dwelling ancestors of dinosaur species, through to the gigantic land-stalking lizards we're all completely fascinated by and hooked on.

With each species, you're given a fantastic representation of their skeletal construction, and a ton of accompanying images of each species in turn, demonstrating their traits and characteristics in exquisite detail.

We particularly loved the approach of mixing the multitude of facts with examples of how particular species were identified from fossil records, how new technology is shaping how we piece together each species and imagine how they lived (and what they got up to).

If you're giddy about Giganatosaurs, devoted to Dimetrodons or truly tempted to learn more about T-Rexes, this is a fantastic and weighty tome for all would-be dinosaur hunters.

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte quite often changes her choice of 'fave species' and she really loved learning all about Ankylosaurus in this book (particularly their big club-like tails, made from fused together bone!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: This is one of the best factual Dinosaur books we've seen in ages. Expertly written and produced, fantastically presented and gloriously illustrated.

(Kindly sent to us for review by QED Publishing)

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