Monday, 15 June 2015

Poka and Mia - Wakey Wakey by Kitty Crowther (Tate Publishing)

Poka and Mia - Wakey Wakey

Written and Illustrated by
Kitty Crowther

Published by Tate Publishing

Poka and Mia have been a brilliant discovery for us, we love these two blissfully cute and wonderful little insect characters and are so happy to see Belgian author Kitty Crowther's work finally being translated into English.

In Poka And Mia - Wakey Wakey, the day starts off just like our saturday mornings at ReadItDaddy Towers. If you can imagine for a moment (it doesn't take much of a stretch) that Charlotte is Mia and Mummy and Me are Poka...

"Just 5 more minutes Charlotte, er I mean Mia!"

Is that your experience of weekends too? (See, things are turned on their head on a weekday - It's usually me having to drag Charlotte out of bed for school!)

Mia is full of the joys of spring and can't wait to go out and explore. Poka, however, wants to snooze on and despite Mia very kindly making him breakfast in bed, the poor soul still looks very sleepy. Or does he?

There's such a lovely switch-around twist in this, that again nearly every parent on the planet will wholly identify with (specially us!)

Another winner from Kitty, we really can't wait to see more Poka and Mia books, they're utterly delightful.

Charlotte's best bit: Mia picking out clothes for the day.

Daddy's Favourite bit: That final page in the story. Oh it's so true!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Tate Publishing)

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