Thursday, 18 June 2015

ReadItDaddy gets ready for Fathers Day this Sunday with a cracking selection of books to read with Dad (or mum!)

"I Want My Daddy" by Tracey Corderoy and Alison Edgeson (Little Tiger Press). Dads CAN be useful sometimes!

This Sunday, spare poor Dad from the usual present ideas (socks, hankies, a big bag of toffees - actually I rather like toffees) and dive into your local indie bookstore for some glorious book ideas for dads to read to their kids. It's about time dads stood up and were recognised as not just being plate cleaners, saggy bum-crack displayers and "asleep in front of the telly on a sunday afternoon"ers - Dads can do a lot more too!

So let's kick off with a dad story for younger readers from Tracey Corderoy and Alison Edgeson. "I Want My Daddy" from Tracey and Alison, published by Little Tiger Press is the story of a tiny little would-be mouse-knight and all the ways that Daddy can help the little fellah out. Whether it's helping to build a cardboard castle with special castle cement, fixing a bike or helping out at the local playpark, Dads can really pitch in and come to the rescue, just like a brave knight themselves. A lovely light-hearted story with fuzzy furry illustrations by Alison, it's a fantastic place to start off our Dad round-up.

Looking to the stars next, a daydreamy laid-back dentist dad is our unlikely hero for our next brilliant Father's Day book

"When Dad Showed me the Universe" by Ulf Stark and Eva Eriksson (Gecko Press)

A fantastic dad tale that starts with an evening adventure. Dad promises to take his son to an astonishing and mysterious place, somewhere that they've never been before. Packing up some provisions (sticks of gum for healthy teeth), Dad the Dentist and the little boy venture out into the darkness. Walking for miles and miles away from the bright lights of the town, they finally reach a scrubby patch of wasteland in the middle of nowhere.

At first, the boy can't understand what's so special about the place. Until Dad gently encourages him to look up at the sky! The universe unfolds above them, and they spend the evening gazing at the amazing stars, comets and galaxies that make up our night-time firmament. A brilliant book that we loved to bits, because this is one of our most favourite things to do as well!

We do sometimes need books about daft dads, what's a dad without a sense of humour after all...

"Dustbin Dad" by Peter Bently and Russell Ayto (Simon and Schuster)

"Dustbin Dad" by Peter Bently and Russell Ayto may put a stop to dad's snacking and plate-snaffling antics. The dad in our tale is always doing this, but one day it serves as his undoing. After scarfing down a rather noxious batch of kitty feed, poor Dad starts "feline" slightly peculiar. In fact round-tummed Dad becomes a rather round-tummed cat! EEKS! Is there any way Dad can change back again? Mum isn't sure she can cope with the furball coughing and shedding! A fun knockabout tale, rib-tickingly written and gloriously illustrated! We really love this one, it's a regular bedtime read for us!

Dad Dinosaurs anyone? Oh go on then...

"I Love Dad" by J.M Walsh and Judi Abbott (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

"I Love Dad" by J.M. Walsh and Judi Abbot from Simon and Schuster Children's Books, brings the team behind "The Perfect Hug" back with a story that is a perfect dad day epitomised. All the favourite dad things there are to do, whether getting in a terrible mess cooking breakfast in the kitchen or running around outside making forts or flying kites are all in this lovely tale of a dad dino and his dinky dinosaur. A perfect book for dads and kids who love dinosaurs and having lots of fun.

From Dino dads to CROCODADS...

"Crocodaddy" by Kim Norman and David Walker (Sterling Publishing)

More dad and son fun with a swim at the local water hole. A great story of bonding and fun as a dad and his boy chase, splash and enjoy themselves. We love the way the book plays visually with the idea of the dad being a croc - right up till the surprise ending as the two head off into the sunset after a long tiring day of play. Lovely stuff, subtle and fun!

Finally, something truly special and wonderful from a book-creating genius of a dad...

"Wish" by Matthew Cordell (Disney Hyperion). A truly special book, have acres of tissues ready, you will need them!

Matthew ("Hello Hello") Cordell usually wins us over with his fantastic sense of humour and pitch-perfect storytelling. Here though is a book that has had Matthew's heart and soul poured into it, a very personal story that will ring true with Dads (and mums) who feel there's something missing from their lives.

"Wish" from Matthew, published by Disney Hyperion Worldwide, is the story of two elephants, who love their life together - and aren't particularly worried about becoming parents at first, but often feel that perhaps life might be complete with a little one (or two) in tow.

The couple experience many ups and downs in the process of trying to bring a little one into the world, and when finally the miracle happens and their "wish" comes true, life changes in the most amazing ways.

This book thrummed a deep chord with us. Charlotte was, in a lot of ways, our miracle baby and the moment I heard about this book, I knew I'd want to read it. We too have wished, long and hard, that we could have another child but my wife has broad spectrum epilepsy so there are huge risks involved, partly because of the unknown side effects of her medication on an unborn foetus, and partly because coming off that medication could mean a living nightmare for her and for us all.

"Wish" may make you sob bucketloads if you've been in a similar position, or are amongst the 68% of couples who experience difficulty conceiving. I read it cuddled up with Charlotte, who knows why we love her and cherish her so much - so on Father's Day I wake up in the morning, feeling lucky to every single fibre of my being, that we were so very very lucky to have had her.

That's it for our Fathers Day Roundup - Curl up with dad this sunday, enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed with some cracking books!