Thursday, June 4, 2015

That's What Makes a Hippopotamus Smile by Sean Taylor and Laurent Cardon (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

That's what makes a Hippopotamus smile

Written by Sean Taylor
Illustrated by Laurent Cardon

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

If you've ever been lucky enough to see a Hippopotamus up close, they always seem to be grinning right across their huge gaping mouths. What makes a Hippopotamus smile? Find out in this new story from Sean Taylor and Laurent Cardon.

A young girl is quite shocked and surprised when a Hippo visitor literally crashes through her front door ready for a play date. Luckily this little girl knows exactly how to cheer up a hippopotamus. Lots of messy watery play, lots of healthy salad (in fact tons!), a great frothy bath and a big cuddle to finish.

The problem is, if a hippo finds themselves made TOO welcome, might they be back next time with a few friends?

Fun knockabout humour, glorious illustrations, we realised we don't see enough hippos in books!

Charlotte's best bit: Hippo bath times look like a heck of a lot of fun (well, unless you're trying to squeeze into the bath with one)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Riotous fun, lovely artwork, a fab book putting one of our favourite (and much neglected children's book) animals in the spotlight. Hooray!