Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tizz and Ott's Big Draw by Bridget Marzo (Tate Publishing)

Tizz and Ott's Big Draw

Written and Illustrated by
Bridget Marzo

Published by Tate Publishing

It's been a very arty week on the blog this week, and we're continuing the splishy splashy artistic theme with a pair of very likeable and artistic characters courtesy of Bridget Marzo and Tate Publishing.

"Tizz and Ott's Big Draw" is a fabulous little tale about a sketch-obsessed cat and his paint-obsessed donkey friend.

Tizz is a real stickler for fine lines and detail, and draws up a storm with pencils and pens. Ott on the other hand is a little more sloppy and lazy with his work, but loves splashing paint and colour around.

The two embark on an artistic voyage of discovery, each of their work complimenting the other until they have a bit of a falling out (a tizzy perhaps?) Things really come to a head when Tizz steals off with Ott's paintbrush while he's sleeping! Oh no!

Can calm return where chaos now reigns? We love any story that gives us a great excuse to break out our own pens and pencils, paint and chalks. Tizz and Ott are fabulous and creative, a fantastic doodl-ey paint-splattered story for your artsy tiddlers!

Charlotte's best bit: Seeing how many different marks she can make with all her own art materials, just like Tizz and Ott

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fantastic and slightly chaotic story, full of colour and inspiration

(Kindly sent to us for review by Tate Publishing)

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