Friday, 31 July 2015

Don't miss the astonishing, the amazing, the utterly brilliant Templar Publishing Summer Blog Tour next week!

Oh boy are you in for a treat next week because from August 3rd to 8th, Templar Publishing are unleashing their lovely booky folk out into the wild and ONTO OUR BLOGS!
As you can see from the blog header image, huge treats are in store so leap inside for the full rundown!

Monday: A welcome to summer over on the Templar Books blog

Tuesday: Book royalty meets book blog royalty - Sublime Helen Hancocks is guesting over at The Book Sniffer

Wednesday: Knockabout fun with Sam Lloyd over at PictureBooksBlogger

Thursday: Awesome recent book of the week winner Yuval Zommer guests on Library Mice

Friday: Hugely talented and wonderful Emma Yarlett guests RIGHT HERE ON READITDADDY!

Saturday: All the best bits you may have missed will feature on the Templar Books blog.

Excited? We're so excited we've been running around with our T-Shirts pulled over our heads making whooping noises! Do NOT miss out!!