Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maverick re-issues a monster tale! Check out the new cover for "Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball" by Giles Paley-Phillips and Gabriele Antonini

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Come and take a new look at this delightful monster tale, now reprinted by Maverick Publishing. Step out and join a ghoulish party with Tamara Small...

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Pixelcraft Pets by Anna Bowles and Diego Vasberg (Studio Press)

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A nifty crafty sticker book for pixel perfectionists? Make some stunning designs and pictures in the new "Pixelcraft" range from Studio Press. Just don't get square eyes...
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Yikes, Ticklysaurus by Pamela Butchart and Sam Lloyd (Bloomsbury Children's Books)

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The enormously talented dino-team behind "Yikes, Stinkysaurus" and "Yikes, Santa Claws" are back with a rather naughty new dino creation. Are you ready to be tickled? Then step right this way...
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Monday, July 27, 2015

More mapping fun and a ton of activities in "Atlas of Adventures Activity Fun Pack" coming soon from Wide Eyed Editions

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Wide Eyed Editions fantastic "Atlas of Adventures" by Lucy Letherland was very well received by us on the blog, and you can read our review all about this fantastic book here...
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The Amazing Human Body Detectives by Maggie Li (Pavilion Children's Books)

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Maggie Li knows a thing or two about producing scintillating designs and engaging children with awesome science subjects. Her work as Art Director at Okido Magazine contributes to one of the best children's magazines on the planet.

Maggie has come up trumps with this latest book delving into the inner workings of the most amazing instrument you'll ever own - your body and in "The Amazing Human Body Detectives: Amazing Facts, Myths and Quirks of the Human Body" (phew, bit of a mouthful that!) you get a nifty little magnifying glass included on the cover to help you take a very close look at what's going on under your skin.

Each section tackles different physiological subjects with a ton of amazing facts and figures, and brilliant illustrations and diagrams to tell you what's going on when we eat, sleep, sweat and...er...trump and poo!

It's a fantastic idea to provide a useful analytical tool for your young detectives to use in several of the page spreads as you take a look at the tiniest cells and microbes all doing their work to ensure that you're a happy healthy human being.

A brilliant body book, perfect for school or home!

Charlotte's best bit: Fascinating facts about our skin from goosebumps to why we sweat!

Daddy's Favourite bit: An incredibly detailed and beautifully designed book and the inclusion of a magnifying glass is an absolutely genius idea!

The Amazing Human Body Detectives

Written and Illustrated by
Maggie Li

Published by Pavilion Children's Books

Release Date: 11th June 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Children's Books)
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Friday, July 24, 2015

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 24th July 2015 - "One Hundred Bones" by Yuval Zommer (Templar Publishing)

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We love a highly original and adorable doggy tale, particularly when the dog is a bit of a roguish maverick. Meet "Scruff" the star of "One Hundred Bones". Scruff is a stray and although he doesn't have a collar, and his coat is a bit of a mess, Scruff's heart is in the right place and he has tons of doggy friends who think he's wonderful.

Sometimes though, poor Scruff feels a bit lonely so when other dogs are being walked in the park by their owners, Scruff wonders what it must be like to live in a house with an adoring human for company.

Scruff has a particularly keen nose - a nose for sniffing out the tastiest treats and the crunchiest bones, and it's scruff's nose that leads him to an astonishing discovery while out digging in the woods.

Dem bones dem bones dem...BIG bones!

Bones. Lots of bones. In fact way too many bones for Scruff to handle so he's going to need a ton of help from his friends!

As the dogs dig, it soon becomes apparent that these aren't just any ordinary bones, and scruff feels like he's seen something like them before - at the local Natural History Museum! So it's off on a hair-raising run to Kensington to drop in on a palaeontologist to give those bones a thorough checking over (and maybe make a brand new friend in the process too!)

What we loved about this wonderful and original story was Scruff himself. A central character who, despite his plight, is full of joie de vivre and a love of life - and his life-changing discovery sees Scruff come out on top in the end. A real underdog-makes-good story that made us feel all warm and glowy inside. Hooray for Scruff!

Charlotte's best bit: Scruff's friend, the willowy wispy Afghan Hound (we don't see NEARLY enough Afghans any more!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: We loved Scruff, he's a real champ - he might be scruffy and a stray but he's an awesome sniffer and wins the day in the end. What a lovely and original doggy tale!

One Hundred Bones

Written and Illustrated by
Yuval Zommer

Published by Templar Publishing

Release Date: 1st August 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

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"The Big Blue Thing on the Hill" by Yuval Zommer (Templar Publishing)
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Captain Falsebeard in "A Very Fishy Tale" by Fred Blunt (Puffin Books)

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Pirate books show no signs of disappearing from our book shelves or publisher's release schedules. Pirates are just so crazily popular so we are always on the lookout for an author or illustrator who goes the extra mile to produce pirate tales that make us giggle and hoot with laughter.

Thankfully Fred Blunt is not only an extremely talented illustrator, he's also a flippin' brilliant storyteller. Introducing us to his very first picture book, Fred Blunt has come up with a pirate captain called Captain Falsebeard, singular master of "The Pretty Polly" with a fearless crew and a ton of parrots.

He's been on a lifelong quest to find The Crossbone Treasure but he has some competition, in the form of dastardly no-gooder Admiral Swinetoes.

When Captain Falsebeard joyfully finds his long-searched-for booty, he might have trouble keeping it from his evil nemesis who comes up with a corker of a plan involving a rather...er...unique mermaid!

Will the Captain win the day? He might need a little help from his brave crew and an awesome flying flotilla of poopy parrots too!

We love Fred's work, his illustrations grace many children's books so it's great to see him putting together his first title for Puffin with such expertise, weaving not only a highly funny and original pirate yarn but a booty-ful book too! Yo ho ho and a passel' of poo!

Charlotte's best bit: The beautiful mermaid who has a rather, er, interesting 'secret'

Daddy's Favourite bit: Tons of little details made us giggle in this. Fits the bill for the sort of pirate book we can really get behind! Fabulous stuff!

"Captain Falsebeard in: A Very Fishy Tale"

Written and Illustrated by Fred Blunt

Published by Puffin Books

Release Date: 2nd July 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Puffin Books)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moving in, moving things around, panic ye not!

"Waitaminute, waitaminute...something's changed!"

Yep it's time for our spring clean, and with our 5th Blog Birthday coming up on the 10th of August, I thought it was time to rejig things a little bit.

First off, a nice crisp clean look so that reviews have a bit more room, content can be found more easily, and some new navigation options 'oop top' to allow you to find new and interesting content on the blog.

Most of the tried and tested things will stay the same. We'll still have a Book of the Week (or multiple ones, you know us!), we still have a reviews and submissions policy, but the structure of reviews will change a little bit and hopefully (time permitting) we'll try a few new things like a roundup of weekly releases, and what's hot in children's books for the current week (our posts will now appear as sidebar items listed by popularity each week so you'll know which reviews are getting the most interest. Flashy!)

All wrapped around a Bootstrap framework so you should get a nicer browser experience on just about any screen / layout. Hooray!

Stick with us though, we'll still be bringing you the same honest reviews and Charlotte still calls all the shots so keep in touch, stay in tune and forgive us while things shuffle around over the next week or so.

Phil & Charlotte @ ReadItDaddy
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The Whopper by Rebecca Ashdown (Templar Publishing)

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There's no harm in telling the odd little fib is there? Think again, because in Rebecca Ashdown's stunning debut for Templar Publishing, one particular "Whopper" takes on a rather unexpected form.

In "The Whopper" young Percy groans inwardly as Grandma comes to stay. She's been knitting again you see, but where Percy's brother has a wonderful piece of knitwear that fits perfectly, Percy's jumper is a little on the large side (Put it this way, you could've used it in place of a tent at Glastonbury this year).

Percy comes up with a plan though - he takes his pet pooch out - wearing his new jumper - and along with his brother they have a whale of a time running around, jumping in muddy puddles, clambering through brambles and getting up to all the sorts of mischief that young boys love to get up to.

Alas, the jumper doesn't last long - and Percy rather shamefacedly ditches it in the nearest bin. But what will mum and Grandma say when Percy comes home jumper-less?

He tells a little white lie about the fate of the knitwear but before he can confess, his lie becomes a physical form - The Whopper to be precise, a rather obnoxious bright blue monster that follows Percy around (and even squeezes him out of bed at night, the rotter!)

"The Whopper" isn't much fun at all, and as Percy's little white lie carries on, The Whopper becomes bigger and bigger and bigger until it ravenously wolfs Percy down for breakfast, then threatens to eat Percy's brother!!

What on earth can Percy do to rid himself of this terrible creature? Perhaps it's time to tell....THE TRUTH!

This is a brilliantly original and entertaining story, where the monster is the sort of monster we love to see in stories. He's not cuddly, he's pretty much a revoltingly impolite monster who thinks nothing of scoffing little children (though he does so with a huge soppy whopper of a grin on his face). A very important moral lesson delivered with aplomb, we have a feeling this book is going to be a whopper itself!!

Charlotte's best bit: When the monster unceremoniously scoffs Percy. Eeeeeeek!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Tales of morality are hard to get right without them sounding preachy but Rebecca does a wonderful job in this fantastic, colourful and entertaining story!

"The Whopper"

Written and Illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown

Published by Templar Publishing

Release Date: 1st July 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Clockwork Dragon by Jonathan Emmett and Elys Dolan (Oxford University Press)

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This is an interesting twist on the "Brave knight / fearsome dragon" story as we meet a resourceful young toymaker's assistant, Max - and his best friend Lizzie in "The Clockwork Dragon".

Max is always getting into trouble, his crazy clockwork inventions aren't well received and soon poor Max finds himself out of a job, wondering what to do next.

Max's village lives under constant threat from a huge fire breathing nasty dragon. The dragon rules the roost and in conjunction with Lizzie - the blacksmith's daughter, Max comes up with a stunning plan to rid the village of the menace once and for all. He will build a gigantic clockwork dragon!

Max's plan is dizzyingly fiendish, and with Lizzie's help they clamber into the tin belly of their clanking beast ready to face off against the real Dragon. But what's the one problem clockwork things suffer from? What happens when your marvellous invention starts to run down mid-battle!!

Can Max's ingenuity and Lizzie's mechanical expertise save the day?

This is a rollicking and thoroughly entertaining story with pint-sized heroes at its heart, taking on a big bully by using their brains. We love the inventiveness of this, coupling Jonathan's pacey and exciting story with Elys Dolan's wonderful creative illustrations.

Charlotte's best bit: Reading out the mechanical dragon's lines in a big booming voice

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fab and original story putting a brilliant brainy pair of kids front and centre in the midst of the excitement. Brilliantly entertaining!

The Clockwork Dragon

Written by Jonathan Emmett

Illustrated by Elys Dolan

Published by Oxford University Press

Release Date: 5th February 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Jonathan Emmett / Oxford University Press)
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