Friday, 3 April 2020

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 3rd April 2020: "The Cut-Throat Cafe" by Nicki Thornton (Chicken House Books)

Oh we do love it when books arrive with a "WHOOP!" of glee and celebration here at ReadItDaddy Towers. We've been waiting, anticipating and hopping from foot to foot waiting for our Chapter Book of the Week to arrive, and "The Cut-Throat Cafe" by Nicki Thornton is every bit as good as we'd hoped.

So in the third of the Seth Seppi mysteries, what's the young would-be magician up to this time? Let's hand over to "The Boss" of the blog who has written this review herself.

In this book we find Seth at the magic town of Gramichee.

He is to become a sorcerer’s apprentice for Forever Young or Miss Young, but sadly Miss Young already has an apprentice!

Cheery Damson seems to want to be Miss Young’s only apprentice. As soon as Seth arrives a magical apprentice gets attacked!

I think that this is my favourite book that Nicki has written so far. 

It is a truly wonderful story with so many unexpected twists and turns. This book is even more misleading than the ones before it but my favourite thing about it are the names, how DOES Nicki think them up (I love the name Tendril Vetch!)

It has so many relatable characters and many more mind-boggling mysteries to solve.
Nicki instantly weaves another amazing bookworld filled with atmosphere, adventure and excitement, and a fair amount of soul-searching from Seth as he sometimes looks for easy (and sometimes quite dark) solutions to his problems, steered back on the moral path by his trusty best buddy Nightshade.

My daughter devoured this in double quick time, reading way past her bedtime, and quite often needing some gentle coaxing (nagging) to put the book down on a school night.

It gets a huge thumbs up, and we're so pleased to see such an amazing story series go from strength to strength. Well done Nicki, this is amazing, magical and truly brilliant stuff.

"The Cut-Throat Cafe" by Nicki Thornton is out now, published by Chicken House Books (kindly supplied for review).