Friday 7 July 2017

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 7th July 2017 - "Robyn Silver Book 2: The Darkest Dream" by Paula Harrison (Scholastic)

Our Chapter Book of the Week this week is the second in the latest series by an author Charlotte has grown up with. Exciting middle grade adventures abound in "Robyn Silver: The Darkest Dream"...
Wow, we really don't know how uber-talented Paula Harrison does it. She's a hugely prolific and fantastic author, and her "Rescue Princesses" and "Secret Rescuers" series have both been part of Charlotte's reading journey.

Once she started to solo read she loved Paula's books, so it was awesome to finally catch up with her latest middle grade series.

"Robyn Silver: The Darkest Dream" is actually book two in the Robyn Silver series, so if you're playing catch up like us, you'll probably want to dig into Book 1 first.

Without giving too much away, Book 2 sees Robyn established as a fully fledged Chime Child - like a combination of Van Helsing and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in kid clothes.

Alongside best friends Aiden and Nora, she resumes her training in earnest as a new threat emerges.

All three kids suddenly start seeing nightmarish black beetles appear around their town.

The townsfolk are getting restless, something's clearly not right with the world. Who is the mysterious menace that wants to rob the people of Grimdean of their sleep - and why?

It's up to Robyn and chums to get to the very heart of this latest mystery.

The book bubbles along at a thrilling pace. Robyn's exactly the sort of character Charlotte loves, an ordinary everyday girl flung into extraordinary circumstances - relying on her keen wits and good friends to solve mysteries.

Charlotte is loving this series a lot (having gnashed her way through book one in double quick time so we could move onto reviewing book 2 for around the book's release). Look out for Robyn, she's a new middle grade force to be reckoned with and kids who love a bit of dark mysterious monster-laden stuff are going to lap this up.

"Robyn Silver: The Darkest Dream" (Robyn Silver Book 2) is out now, published by Scholastic.

Don't forget to catch up with book one ("The Midnight Chimes" too, also out now from Scholastic!)

(Very kindly supplied for review)