Sunday, 15 December 2019

Booky Advent Calendar Day 15: "The Snowy Reindeer (Princess of Pets Series)" by Paula Harrison (Nosy Crow)

What better way to spend a few delightful hours, than in the company of an author who has an absolute knack for writing brilliant stories for mighty girls who love animals.

C loves Paula Harrison's books, even now as a slightly sniffy tweenager who has shrugged off quite a lot of middle grade books.

Her latest series, "Princess of Pets" with gorgeous illustrations from Olivia Chin Mueller is another fantastic range of books setting up mighty girl heroes, sworn to protect animals around the world.

One such hero is Bea, a girl who is visiting her cousins at wintry Peruva Castle, the perfect snowy and wintry setting to fit with the season. 

Even more fitting with the season, Bea finds a cold and hungry reindeer hiding in the snow. The poor animal is quite frail and hungry and Bea is determined to sneak it into the castle until it recovers and is strong enough to be set free.  

But with party preparations keeping everyone busy, can Bea keep the little reindeer safe until she can find his family? 

C couldn't wait to dig into this one, and it's perfect for kids who love adventurous tales, and particularly kids who love animals as much as we do. 

Look out for more of Princess Bea's adventures in "The Naughty Puppy" and "The Lost Kitten" too. 

"Princess of Pets: The Snowy Reindeer" by Paula Harrison and Olivia Chin Mueller is out now, published by Nosy Crow (kindly supplied for review).