Friday, 8 February 2013

Charlotte and Mummy's Book of the Week Part 2 - Week ending 8th Feb 2013 - The Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise by Paula Harrison (Nosy Crow Books)

In a bit of a blogjack, The Strolling Mum takes over ReadItDaddy for a ReadItMummy moment. Take it away, missus!

We were so excited to receive this book! Last year Charlotte and I went along to a Rescue Princess party at Mostly Books and had an excellent time. We also really love princesses and dressing up and looking at wonderful sparkly dresses. A rescue princess though loves the dressing up but also wants to be out there having fun like all the boys, not stuck looking out the window at them going down the zip wire. Girls can do these things just as well as boys (sometimes better.. but we won't tell readitdaddy that).

This is the first book in the series and introduces us to Emily and 3 other princesses who end up on a night time adventure finding and looking after an injured deer and then going on a ninja princess mission to find out who was setting traps to catch the deer. We were so excited to get to the ninja princess chapter (thanks to a few tweets from @clairemccauley), from that night on Charlotte has been using ninja techniques to get into bed so fast that I can't see her move!

The chapters are a perfect length for young readers, I've been reading her a chapter each night. The text is so descriptive and goes into a lot of detail, all important for a princess to have that perfect dress, sparkly shoes, tiaras and the ring. Each chapter is so well written, we sped up the pace for the tense moments and held our breath when the princesses did. We almost felt like we were sitting beside them on their tree that night in the dark, its so descriptive.

The moment we finished the book Charlotte quickly turned to the back page to check out which book comes next, so I think that will be on her birthday list for sure.

Charlottes best bit: has to be the ninja moves, the dresses and pictures for each chapter

Mummys best bit: a great book for young readers that will have them captivated but also empowering for girls.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Nosy Crow Books)