Friday, 8 February 2013

I am the King by Leo Timmers (Gecko Press)

We're big fans of Leo Timmers, particularly the beautifully painted animal characters that always feature in his books (though admittedly, I miss them tootling around in cool little vehicles in this).

"I am the King" describes what happens when a slow and steady tortoise finds a crown one day, and decides it fits on his shell perfectly.

His animal friends all scoff and laugh, and all try the crown on themselves proclaiming themselves as the true king - but who does the crown really belong to? Who could possibly be bigger than Elephant? Smarter than Snake? More round and jolly than Pig (who Charlotte thinks should have been 'Warthog' not Pig! Quite right, Charlotte!)

It's a fun book, brilliant for younger children who love picking out their favourite animals. Leo Timmers has a knack for keeping his layouts nice and simple, but with exquisitely rendered paintings in each frame.

We're steadily hunting down as many Timmers books as we can, and this is a very good one for toddlers.

Charlotte's best bit: Flamingo, who can wear the crown around her neck.

Daddy's favourite bit: Mischievous Monkey running off with the crown before running into the REAL owner! Eek!