Thursday, 20 October 2016

Disney's "The Art of Zootropolis" by Jessica Julius, Byron Howards, Rich Moore and various artists (Chronicle Books)

These books are ridiculously addictive so every time they dip below a certain price, we nab them.

"Disney's The Art of Zootropolis / Zootopia" (depending on whether you're on this side of the pond or the other) is a real feast of concept art and finished character and scenic work from the latest animated smash from Disney Studios.

The story of Judy Hopps, a determined bunny who wants to be a cop in the big city, and Nick Wilde - a shady character with a heart of gold - has gone on to become a huge box office success.

Watching it recently at home, it was one of those rare occasions where we really wanted to watch all the bonus material about the 'making of' the movie, and this book helps to compliment the bonus content on the Blu Ray perfectly.

Within, you'll find artwork by Disney's incredibly talented team of illustrators, modellers, storyboarders and animators (including my own personal Disney illustration hero Cory Loftis), showing how the characters evolved and how the teams came up with the incredible settings and designs that populate the throbbing animal world of Zootropolis.

Judy and Nick (art by Cory Loftis)
There are so many tiny little details that you may have missed in the movie, but are squeezed into this book...

Did you know Clawhauser has a tiny little "Mickey" shape in his cheek spots? Neither did we!
We've both got favourite characters but every single time I see these vogueing tiger dancers I nearly wet my pants laughing. They're just the BEST!

C'mon honey, strike a pose!
The book is like all the other Chronicle "Disney" art books, absolutely stunning and chock full of fascinating insights into the movies.

Do what we do, keep an eye on the prices and snaffle them up as soon as they are cheap enough (which isn't for very long usually!)

Disney's "The Art of Zootropolis" by Jessica Julius, Byron Howards and Rich Moore is out now, published by Chronicle Books.