Thursday 20 October 2016

Fiona Ross, Author of Hyde and Squeak, shares her favourite (or least favourite) monsters with us - a groovy guest post!

A groovy Halloween blog post from Fiona Ross, author of "Hyde and Squeak"? Well, we don't mind if we do. Take it away Fiona!

Top 10 Monsters with Fiona Ross

This was really tough! I love anything and everything monstrous (think I needed at least a top 20!). So in no particular order:

1: Animal (from the Muppets) He’s just plain bonkers and loves music, how could he not be on this list?

2: Oddbod (from Carry on Screaming) Oh my, Oddbod used to scare the pants off me as a child.

3: Bowser (aka King Koopa from Super Mario Bros) I’m a huge Mario fan and still play Super Mario Bros. Bowser’s aim is to kidnap Princess Peach and triumph over Mario, in my opinion that’s downright dirty!

4: Beetlejuice (from Beetlejuice) This film blew me away when I first saw it, I can’t help but delight in his unpredictable, selfish, over bearing ways - he’s really gross!

5: Godzilla - I love Godzilla films and comics, it’s always a good feeling when you can root on the side of the monster.

6: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (from Ghostbusters) A big, bouncy, giant, comical marshmallow that looks cute, but I wouldn’t want to risk getting on his bad side though!

7: Audrey ll (from Little Shop of Horrors) I had to include a monster from a musical! 

8: Gorgon/Medusa - Just the thought of the Gorgon turns me to stone. I could’ve chosen numerous monsters from Greek mythology but for me this one is the most terrifying visually. I’m a big admirer of Hammer Films and Ray Harryhausen, and both have successfully and brought this character to life.

9: Cybermen (from Doctor Who) Watching Doctor Who was a ritual growing up so I was spoilt for choice with monsters, I picked the one that I used to like looking at in my brother’s Doctor Who annual - I still remember the haunting black and white image.

10: Dementors (from Harry Potter) These are horrific and I can’t think of anything more horrendous and frightening.

"Hyde and Squeak" by Fiona Ross is out now, published by Little Tiger Press.