Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Celebrating 60 years of fun with the legendary and iconic Miffy!

Miffy at the Seaside by Dick Bruna (Egmont Publishing)
Can you believe this diminutive bunny is 60 years old? Neither can we! To celebrate Dick Bruna's timeless classic series of fantastic stories for tinies, we've been revisiting a few of the Miffy books. 

Charlotte claims she's "too old for baby books" but it's amazing how quickly she'll shuffle up and  listen intently as soon as I start to read one (and of course it's great now she can read them back to me on her own now!)

So we enjoyed "Miffy at the Seaside" - A lovely day out at the beach with Miffy and her Mum and Dad, playing in the sand and making a sand fort decorated with shells gathered in Miffy's little bucket. An idyllic little story that reminds us of our recent outings to the beach (though looking at the weather today, those outings feel like a lifetime ago!!)

Fabulous rhymes and simple stories, coupled with Dick Bruna's amazing art that was way, way ahead of its time mean that revisiting the books is always a pleasure.

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We also looked at "Miffy in the Tent" - if there's one activity destined to generate a buzz of excitement in kids, it's the thought of putting up their own play tent and climbing inside. We join Miffy on another sunshine-filled day as she puts up her tent in the garden, has lunch inside, and finally falls asleep contented for a well earned afternoon nap.

Miffy's timeless appeal shows no signs of slowing down
. After a successful movie outing, Miffy will be starring in a new Sony TV series in October produced by Blue Zoo Productions, and of course there's always a ton of brilliant Miffy merchandise that's bound to catch your child's eye as they head back to school and are looking for cool bags, pencil cases and other accessories with Dick Bruna's distinctive designs emblazoned on them.

You can find out more about the Miffy range, the brilliant books and all the cool Miffy items over on the official Miffy Store Website.