Friday, August 7, 2015

Help us solve a real mystery and find our wonderful Bookworm Good Samaritan!

The mystery lovely person popped this letter into our wayward package of books
As book bloggers who rely on postal services and couriers to bring us our lovely review copies, it's sad to report that sometimes books go astray. We've lost items that have been dumped on the doorstep but this one is a real mystery that for once had a happy ending thanks to an anonymous book samaritan.

A battered box of books arrived this morning from Tate Publishing containing three books (with two looking a little the worse for wear but thankfully not too badly damaged), the press releases we normally get - but something else too. The letter above. Transcribed it reads: 

"My daughter and I were walking along (road name removed - you'll see why later) in Didcot today 1/8/2015 when we came across a book lying on the ground. So I picked it up, put it on the wall then a few metres along another book! Put it on the wall wondering what parent missed this scenario! Then finally found the box with another book! So ran back to retrieve said books. Hope they reach you this time. A. Book. Worm. 

The letter was written on a scrap of paper which led us to believe that our wonderful book samaritan had taken the package to a post office, reported it as lost and it finally made it to us. 

The mystery of why one of our parcels ended up dumped in the street in the next town over is strange but we're more interested in our anonymous book benefactor, who made sure the books got to us OK in the end. Three lovely books they could've kept for themselves, sold on or just trashed just for the hell of it but instead they took care of them, carefully re-packaged them and got them to us. 

If you recognise the writing, know the person and have heard their story, or if it's you we really would love to hear from you (drop us an email at and let us know where you found the books then we'll know it's you) so we can properly thank you!

Update: If, of course, you do want to be anonymous, just know that you made my day and Charlotte's day and the world needs a zillion more people like you so a huge THANK YOU!! You're a SUPERSTAR!)

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