Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Let's Go Outside / How Many Legs by Katja Spitzer (Flying Eye Books)

A new range of tiddly tiny books from Flying Eye for your tiddly tiny teenies? Sounds too good to miss, so let's have a closer look at "Let's Go Outside" and "How Many Legs?" by Katja Spitzer...

Toddlers and younger children love big, colourful and bold books that are eye-catching and attractive but where do you go once they've progressed on from board books and are ready to enjoy books that are perfect for small hands, that they can either explore with you or on their own?

Flying Eye's latest eye-catching books for toddlers might provide an answer. Katja Spitzer's new range of books are in a small hardback format absolutely perfect for tucking into a bag when you're out and about, yet still really fantastic and detailed, colourful and beautifully presented so they hold the interest longer.

We took a look at "Let's Go Outside" which is a book encouraging children to explore the world around them, showing them all the really cool stuff they can find a mere step or two from their own front doors. Exploring outside is, of course, one of the joys of being a kid once you start hunting for minibeasts, running amok in the park and getting very very muddy in big sploshy puddles.

Katja's eye for bold designs and characters comes to the fore, the books are chock-full of detail and contrasting colours so that teeny eyes are instantly drawn to them.

How many legs can you count?

We also enjoyed "How Many Legs" in the same range, a counting book with a difference that encourages children to count legs on all sorts of things (even us!) The book then goes beyond the usual 1-10 counting to get children thinking about slightly more complex picture layouts and more counting fun.

These are gorgeous books, really attractive and they look like they're sturdy enough to stand up to plenty of toting around. Check out the rest of the range on the Flying Eye Books website.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Flying Eye Books)

Let's Go Outside / How Many Legs?

Written and Illustrated by Katja Spitzer

Published by Flying Eye Books

Release Date: 1st August 2015