Thursday, August 6, 2015

Out today, the very first book in a superb pirate series, meet Chris Mould's awesome "Pocket Pirates" !

Happy Book Birthday! Out today is this rather superb new pirate adventure from a man who knows his buccaneers from his brigands! Chris Mould's "Pocket Pirates" Book 1!
"The Great Cheese Robbery" is the first book in Chris's new pirate series "Pocket Pirates". They're tiny, they're teeny but they're pirates with huge hearts out on an all new adventure to save their beloved ship's cat from a band of nasty mice who live in the skirting board of an old house (we already LOVE the fact that the ship's cat is called Jones :)

We'll be putting together a review for "Pocket Pirates - the Great Cheese Robbery" very soon but to keep you in suspense (until you read this fab book yourselves) here are some brilliant art cards from Chris himself, and a sneaky peek at the cover of Book 2 (which will be coming in February 2016).

Pocket Pirates Book 2 - The Great Drain Escape is out in Feb 2016

"Pocket Pirates Book 1: The Great Cheese Robbery" is out today from Scholastic.

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