Friday, 28 August 2015

ReadItDaddy's First Book of the Week - Week Ending 28th August 2015 - "Corpse Talk Season 2" by Adam Murphy and Lisa Murphy(David Fickling Books / The Phoenix Comic)

It's the most outrageous talk show on the planet and our Book of the Week this week. Give a big hand to Adam Murphy and the glorious undeadyness of "Corpse Talk Season 2"
Adam Murphy has simultaneously the best and worst job in the world. On the plus side, he gets to cosy up and host a ghoulish chat show with famous folk. On the minus side, those folk have been dead for quite some time in most cases - and are probably a bit whiffy (not to mention the fact that most of them seem to be a bit murderously inclined as well!)

We're tuning in to "Corpse Talk Season 2" for more of a dig through history, to meet the movers and shakers, celebrities and conquerors, explorers and actors who were once brilliant but are now pushing up daisies.

In Season Two you can delight to amusing anecdotes and terrible (but hilarious) puns from William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth the First, Laurel and Hardy (our actual favourite Corpse Talk EVER!), Vlad the Impaler (eeeeeks!), Amy Johnson and many many others.

There are some great new additional bits to make this yet another stunning collection of brilliant macabre hilarity. We hope there's a Season 3 planned, and we also hope that one day perhaps, this will end up getting a TV treatment because it would work SO WELL! C'mon people, make it happen! Forget that stinky old Horrible Histories nonsense, dig into this instead!

"Corpse Talk Season 2" is coming v soon, released on 3rd September from David Fickling Books. Unearth a copy soon!

Charlotte's Favourite Bit: Queen Victoria's scary overbearing parents sound dreadful, so does Queen Elizabeth 1st's killer makeup!

Daddy's Favourite Bit: Poor Amy Johnson forgetting her colours mixed up and being shot down by her own side. Oops!

(Kindly sent to us for review by David Fickling Books)

"Corpse Talk Season 2"

Written and Illustrated by Adam Murphy, Colours and cover by Lisa Murphy

Published by David Fickling Books

Release Date (Paperback): 3rd September 2015