Friday, 11 September 2015

ReadItDaddy's 2nd Book of the Week - Week Ending 11th September 2015 - "Book O' Masks" by Donald Lemke & Bob Lentz (Curious Fox)

A book you can stick on your face and have a good laugh at? Perfect for selfie addicts or daft fun-loving folk like us, it's "The Book-O-Masks" by Lemke and Lentz!

We couldn't resist the lure of this fantastic idea - which we've seen in various shapes and forms before, but never with such style pzazz and aplomb as Lemke and Lentz' wearable book range, kicking off with the utterly superb "Book-O-Masks". Curious Fox have picked up publishing rights for these books (including the Book-O-Teeth and the most awesome Book-O-Beards too) all coming along this month.

How much fun is this book? Lots, it's goofy and hilarious, kooky and downright brilliantly executed so that even adults can join in with a wearable book spectacular.

Charlotte's favourite mask:

The awesome superhero known as "Gap Tooth Girl" :)
As a burly old Hockey fan, I had to choose this one...

One too many hockey pucks to the head I think...
We know you're going to fall hook line and sinker for these and your kids are going to love goofing around with "The Book-o-Masks". Such a great idea!

We absolutely can't wait to see the rest (particularly Book O Beards!)


Written and illustrated by Donald Lemke and Bob Lentz

Published by Curious Fox Books

Release Date: 1st September 2015

(Kindly sent to us for review by Curious Fox Books)