Friday, 18 September 2015

ReadItDaddy's First Book of the Week - Week Ending 18th September 2015 - "Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker" by Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux (Thames and Hudson)

Hit the catwalks in fine style, a fabulous fashion design book with tons of amazing styles to trace and copy..."Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker" is our first book of the week this week!
After a long summer of sunshine and hours of free time, Charlotte is still diving into this fantastic fashion design book from Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux. "Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker" is a superb activity book that features tons of mix-and-match designs in a handy designer folder-type hardback format, perfect for budding fashionistas.

The pack provides lots of different themed fashion sheets which can be detached and then used in conjunction with sturdy card templates to help your little ones design their own killer outfits and amazing looks.

Start with some ready made designs, and add your own trims and patterns for a knockout look!

Children might want to start with some of the pre-made designs, just adding their own patterns and trims and accessories to them before opting for more complicated templates and ideas

Tons of different clothes and components are provided giving you millions of combinations!

Charlotte spent DAYS working on her various ideas, splashing on lots of colour and it also helped her find out more about particular fashions (try explaining to a little one what "BoHo Chic" and "Granny Chic" means!). It's a really fantastic activity book.

Charlotte's spooky night out Goth Chic outfit. Yep, like that a LOT!

Louise and Georgia have also put together another brilliant fashion book - this time for your dolls so if you're into making clothes for your Barbies, it might be worth taking a look at "I Can Make Dolls Clothes" too!

"I Can Make Dolls Clothes" by Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux (Thames and Hudson)
Charlotte and her mummy were particularly impressed with this one - with very easy to follow instructions, and some great patterns for jazzing up your Barbies (and Sindys if you've inherited 'em from your mum!)

Starting off a nice red skirt (Charlotte's pinning is getting better!)
A range of outfit patterns are included, and once children start getting into following the designs in the book it won't be long before they'll be making up their own patterns too!

The book even shows you how to sew on the perfect popper!
So after all Charlotte's hard work, what did the finished results look like? Time to step up onto the catwalk, Barbie...!

A stunning skirt and top combo (with added sequins). Well done Charlotte and Mummy!
"I Can Make Dolls Clothes" is out on the same day as "Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker" so pick up both brilliant books, they're fantastic quality and will definitely appeal to budding fashionistas!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Designing a killer goth chic outfit all in black and purple, and learning some valuable sewing tips (without pre-made holes -well done!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Sheer blissful silence while Charlotte used both books and activity sets, completely absorbed by both and even Mummy approved! High praise indeed!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Thames & Hudson)

"Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker" and "I Can Make Dolls Clothes"

Written by Louise Scott-Smith

Illustrated by Georgia Vaux

Published by Thames and Hudson.

Release date (both books): 14th September 2015