Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tiny Whale - a Fishy Tale by Joshua George and Puy Pinillos (Top That Publishing)

It's not easy being orange. Or tiny for that matter. One fish feels like he's suffering an identity crisis but perhaps even the tiniest of us can be a hero.
Orange Fish is a bit fed up of life under the sea. It's all well and good swimming around in tropical climes, nestling amongst the seaweed and swimming around blissfully but if your own mum and dad, and your own siblings don't recognise you surely something's wrong?

Gerald (or is that Gordon? Graham? Gaston?) feels that he isn't just an ordinary orange fish but struggles to stand out. Until one day he decides that enough is enough, and embarks on a perilous swim across the sea. Past snapping jaws, grasping tentacles and nasty looking mandibles of other sea creatures until he stumbles across a colony of blue fish.

They've never seen anything like Gerald before, so naturally Gerald gets a little bit carried away with how special he's now become. After telling a few whopping fibs about being a whale (a tiny whale at that) Gerald is truly put to the test when his new friends are trapped under a fallen sea boulder.

Can Gerald make good on his boasts and come to the rescue?

This is a fabulous little tale from Josh and Puy - colourful and entertaining with a strong moral twist about telling huge porkies but we love the positive ending and the fabulous characters you'll meet in this briny fishy tale!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Gerald's new headgear - very nautical!

Daddy's favourite bit: A wholly original and very appealing story for busy teeny tiddlers beautifully written and illustrated by Josh and Puy. Bravo for Gerald!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Top That Publishing)

"Tiny Whale - A Fishy Tale"

Written by Joshua George

Illustrated by Puy Pinillos

Published by Top That Publishing

Release Date (Paperback): 1st June 2015