Thursday, October 1, 2015

Design Line: Pyramids, Pillars and Palaces by Neil Lockley and Daniel Long (Big Picture Press)

Astonishing architecture abounds in this brilliant fold-out book and wall chart. Let's dip into Design Line: Pyramids, Pillars and Palaces
Architecture is all around us, but how did buildings evolve from simple huts and tents to the elaborate and breathtaking buildings that wow and amaze us today?

In Big Picture Press's "Design Line" range, an extended timeline of the most important buildings in the world is presented in a fantastic dual-role format. You can browse through the pages like you would any other book, but you can also unfold the whole thing like a huge wall chart to properly see the evolution of buildings from Stonehenge and The Taj Mahal, right up to the Empire State Building and the Guggenheim museums.

Architectural styles are examined and you'll see lots of facts and figures on the back of each page spread to give you even more insights into how amazing buildings are dreamed up and constructed.

Unfolding architectural history - this would make an awesome wall chart for home or school!
Think of a famous building and you'll undoubtedly find it here amongst this stunning collection, beautifully illustrated in high detail so dash out today and grab a copy for your budding Iggy Pecks!

Charlotte's favourite building: The amazing Sydney Opera House - like a giant sailing ship.

Daddy's favourite building: The Flatiron Building - always loved the design of it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Big Picture Press)

"Design Line: Pyramids, Pillars and Palaces"

Written by Neil Lockley

Illustrated by Daniel Long

Published by Big Picture Press

Release Date (Paperback): 1st October 2015