Thursday 29 October 2015

Happy 200th Issue to the best kid's comic on the planet. The Phoenix bumper 200th edition ROCKS!

The Phoenix 200th Issue with a truly awesome cover from the mighty Chris Riddell.
Why are you standing there staring at it, GO AND BUY IT!!!!
I was slightly concerned last night as I was getting changed after work, and suddenly heard a very loud screech from downstairs. Dashing down 3 flights of stairs (ReadItDaddy Towers is very tower-ey) to see what Charlotte was screaming about, I found the scene below...

Reading comics in the correct page order? Forget that, buddy! It's Doogan first!
Charlotte had once again beat me to the punch. Our copy of the Phoenix 200th issue had dropped through the letterbox, clad in its gloriously illustrated envelope heralding the arrival of a big fat entertaining wodge of comic greatness that meant sheer and utter (blissful) silence from Charlotte while she absorbed every gorgeous morsel.

The Phoenix Comic - for those of you who have been living in a small cave in Camarthenshire for the last few years - is the best comic in the business for kids. Based in our home town (Oxford - also home to the mighty 2000AD - there must be something in the water down here!), it's been a huge favourite of ours since it first appeared (way back before Charlotte could even read it properly on her own).

So what's so great about it?

It's full of astonishing characters and truly original stories, with humorous, fantasy, science fiction, culturally diverse and historical themes all contributing to this glorious mag. The hugely talented pool of writers and illustrators ensure that it doesn't just look fantastic, it's a beltingly good read too.

Charlotte practically INHALED Issue 200 (As you can see, she's a huge Von Doogan fan but also loves Bunny vs Monkey, Troy Trailblazer, Evil Emperor Penguin, Corpse Talk AND Mega Robo Bros - all of which can be found in Ish 200 as well as many more!) Having recently been thrilled by the storyline concerning the very future of the comic, and the gallant keybearing readers who banished "The Antifun" once and for all, it's fantastic to see a comic that not only does what it does so well - but also directly involves its readers by encouraging them to draw, scribble and write their own comics and pics too! How brilliant is that?

We're not the only ones who think so. When you've got hugely talented folk like Phillip Pullman taking up storytelling reins in the comic in 2016, and describing the comic as "A wonderful marriage between words and pictures" you know they're definitely doing something right (watch out for his new strip early next year which is already looking amazing from the preview page you'll find in Ish 200).

The Phoenix will be coming to WH Smiths with the 200th issue, and can also be found in Waitrose and also via direct subscription via the website.

If you've been looking for the best comic to introduce your kids to, look no further.


The Phoenix is on sale now, priced at a ludicrously reasonable £2.99 (and NO PLASTIC TAT OR ADS, HOORAY!)