Thursday, October 8, 2015

Snow Bear by Tony Mitton and Alison Brown (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Do you remember snow? Not the wussy "Southern" stuff we tend to get in our neck of the woods, but the really deep stuff. If not, refresh your memory with a crisp, cold but cuddly story of a tiny little snow bear...
As much as we like to reminisce about 'big proper' snow, we certainly don't miss trudging through it and being frozen to the bone.

"Snow Bear" by Tony Mitton and Alison Brown picks up the story of a little bear who finds himself out in the cold harsh landscape on a chilly snowy night. All the little bear wants to do is find a safe haven to curl up in, a bolt hole or tiny nook perfect for a tiny little fellah but everywhere seems to be already taken. Fox has found a cosy burrow, Owl has taken over a hollow tree so what on earth is a poor bear to do?

Thankfully the bear spies a glowing welcoming light in the distance, the cosiest cottage you've ever seen and living in the cottage is a little girl who is also cold and lonely, and could do with a nice warm cuddly friend to snuggle up to.

It's an idyllic little tale of warmth and friendship set against some of the most gorgeous wintry landscapes we've seen this year. Even though we're typing this review while there's still the faint glow of summer but with the promise of autumn nipping at our noses, it was lovely to wrap ourselves in this cuddly book of bear and girl and a newfound home.

Charlotte's favourite bit: When bear and girl finally find each other and cosy up for fireside cuddles

Daddy's favourite bit: A snuggly story perfect for those cold, crisp winter evenings ahead

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bloomsbury Publishing)

"Snow Bear"

Written by Tony Mitton

Illustrated by Alison Brown

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Release Date: 8th October 2015

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