Monday, 16 November 2015

I Love You More than Moldy Ham by Carey Armstrong-Ellis (Abrams Young Readers)

Carey Armstrong-Ellis is our kind of girl! Not only has she come up trumps with a great little monster tale, she's poked those dreadful "I love you" books firmly in the eye with a squishy tentacle...
You know the sort of books we mean? They usually arrive just before Father's Day or Mother's Day, and are a soppy ooze-fest of "Smoochy Woo" and "Cuddley Wuddley" enough to make a monster bring up his slug strew. Ew!

So here's Carey's take on those books, that oozes and squelches from every page as a little monster makes a delicious feast for mummy monster.

It's probably not the perfect book to read around mealtimes, or if you've got an aversion to slugs but it really is fabulously written in tongue-in-cheek rhyme, and the illustrations are great too!

I think Carey's been peeking through our window at home. Pretty much an average weekday night at ReadItDaddy Towers
We particularly loved the 'monster' versions of artwork that the talented artist monster-mum comes up with while her little one prepares supper...

Uh-oh time for a monster-style 'shopping trip'. Oh and your toast is burning!
Eerily again I think Carey knows what our fridge looks like on a Friday night before we go grocery shopping!

"I Love You More than Moldy Ham" (Note the American spelling of Moldy, yes I know that's not how we spell it Mr Spellchecker!) is a fabulous antidote to those rather sickly lovey dovey books but there is a huge amount of love in this book, as little monster can't wait to prepare a nice big squishy treat for hard working mum. Don't you wish your little monsters would do that once in a while?

Lovely ingredients!
(Actually, looking at what little monster comes up with for supper, perhaps it's not such a great idea after all!)

Fabulous monstery fun! We love it

Charlotte's favourite bit: Warthog snot icing! BLEEEEEEEUGHHHH!

Daddy's favourite bit: So many deft little artistic details and hilarious rhyming. It might make your stomach churn a bit by the end but it's utterly fab!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Abrams Young Readers)

"I Love You More than Moldy Ham"

Written and Illustrated by Carey Armstrong-Ellis

Published by Abrams Young Readers

Publication Date: 5th November 2015