Tuesday, 10 November 2015

McToad Mows Tiny Island by Tom Angleberger and John Hendrix (Abrams Young Readers)

Thursdays. I never could get the hang of Thursdays but here's a natty natterjack who looks forward to every Thursday...
"McToad Mows Tiny Island" by Tom Angleberger and John Hendrix is that rare beast, a book that uses a relatively simple premise to such brilliant effect that it ends up feeling wholly original and fresh.

McToad is the warty fellah in charge of mowing vast tracts of lawn on Big Island but every Thursday, Toad gets to trek over to Tiny Island - a postage-stamp-sized bit of land out in the middle of the sea. But how on earth does Toad get himself (and his sit-on lawnmower) over to this tiny island? It takes a lot of effort actually...
Onto the train!
First, McToad has to drive his tiny mower over to the train - and from there he gets to drive all manner of exciting conveyances in order to reach his destination. After the train?
Time to head for the docks. Need to take to the air for this bit!

 McToad is also a pilot so he winches his mower off to the docks before boarding a ship. But that's not the end of McToad's journey! Off he sales, before a final bit of crane work and...

"I'm sure I can stretch this out to an entire day if I go REALLY slowly!"

 See, we told you that island was tiny. Children will absolutely love following McToad's journey, with the bright bold illustrations and fabulously designed text showing McToad's breeze of a day unfolding.

Don't just keep this story for Thursdays, read it every day!

Charlotte's favourite bit: The fact that McToad STILL takes a break in the middle of mowing each half of the island.

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant journey for McToad, beautifully presented in this fresh-feeling and wholly original book.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Abrams Young Readers)

"McToad Mows Tiny Island"

Written by Tom Angleberger

Illustrated by John Hendrix

Published by Abrams Young Readers

Publication Date (Paperback): 1st September 2015