Thursday, 12 November 2015

Monster Trouble by Lane Fredrickson and Michael Robertson (Sterling)

A brave and sassy little girl, and a weird collection of monsters. This looks like the recipe for our kind of book. Step inside and find out more about "Monster Trouble"...
Any parent / bookseller / librarian / teacher / book lover will tell you that quite often, 'cover power' goes a long way to initially 'selling' them a book. You could tell from the outset that "Monster Trouble" was going to be a winner, purely from your first glimpse of Winifred Schnitzel, the adorable and feisty little girl who stands on her bed, hands on hips.

So what is Winifred ticked off about? Monsters - no, not because they're scary and hairy, warty and naughty but because after several nights of wild tickle fights and monster rumpuses, Winifred is plum tuckered out.

As any parent will tell you, kids need their sleep and that's the message that Lane and Michael are bringing across in such an awesome way. Winifred quickly turns from a happy little toddler to the world's biggest grumpy-pants. She dozes through school work, snoozes through ballet practice and despite her pleas, those monsters just won't let her lie down and take forty winks.

There's only one thing for it - Winifred needs to take matters into her own hands and come up with a good solid plan or two to put a stop to these nocturnal nuisances once and for all!

With a dash of Disney / Pixar's "Monsters, Inc" style artwork, and some glorious rhyming, "Monster Trouble is an absolute winner and you never know, it might just lull your little minxes and misters to sleep too!

Charlotte's favourite bit: A tiny wheezy-looking Mike Wazowski-like monster who is first in line for tickles

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant tale extolling the virtues of a good night's kip. What's not to love?

(Kindly sent to us for review by Sterling Publishing)

"Monster Trouble"

Written by Lane Fredrickson

Illustrated by Michael Robertson

Published by Sterling Publishing

Publication Date: 5th November 2015